Blake Gibson and Pam Morehead returned to Bonnie and Clyde death site (3rd year in a row) with two of Blakes friends who wanted go with us, Tim and Brandy Olhoff.  Last two times the moon was full.  Lots of responses and great ones.  However, on return this year, the moon was NOT full and not so much in the way of responses.  Correlation true about getting more evidence when the moon is full as opposed to when it is not?  Could be.

We did get a few responses that were interesting - very few pictures. 

Please see below (have yet to review Blakes evidence yet)



In this spirit box clip, Brandy was calling for Bonnie and Pam called out for "Champ" and we are hearing a reply of "Bonnie".  We have heard that voice before and believe it is Bonnie.

In this evp clip we were discussing hearing "Bonnie" say her name and captured a male saying "Somebody killed her"

In this spirit box clip, our guest Bonnie was asking "Can you hear me Champ, can you hear me Bonnie" to which we received a direct reply from a male saying "We do".

In this spirit box clip Pam said "Hello" and we got a direct response of a greeting back of "Welcome".  Guessing we were being told we were welcome to be there.  That's a GOOD thing!

In this spirit box clip we hear a female saying "Up the road".  We were "down" the road from where their car actually veered off where they died which is sort of across from the monuments.  Sounded like Bonnie's voice to us.

In this spirit box clip Pam was asking "Are you in front of us or in back of us" and we hear a male saying either "Side" or "Clyde".  Can't quite make it out but either would fit the location - one as an answer to my question of where they are OR he was saying "Clyde"

In this evp clip Pam was asking "Clyde, are you here with us" and we caught a male response of "MmmmHmmmm" - as in "yes" he was there.

Pam Morehead took this pic out in the middle of nothing toward the woodsy area - no lights - no cars - straight ahead was woods - pulled the pic in to see what that brightness was and it almost looks like the brightness is the shape of a head and what "appears" to be a face to the immediate right of the brightness.



Pam Morehead took this pic of an unusual blue orb


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